Sunday, November 21, 2010

don't ever tell anybody anything. if you do, you start missing everybody.

Here some more pictures of Annecy downtown from our trip a couple weeks ago, as opposed to the previous pictures of Cusy, a little mountain village in the countryside right outside of Annecy.

le vieil annecy

une vue d'annecy

la musique a Annecy
A band that took a walk around the city jamming out and such.

les canaux d'annecy

 There are canals running through the city, a large beautiful lake that touches downtown, and mountains that are always in the background. It is a very beautiful city, though not very large; hopefully one day my family can come visit.

This weekend was rather busy and social; drinks and late-night fast food at a friend's place Friday, international dinner with friends at our place Saturday, after-lunch coffee and pre-dinner drinks with various family friends today.

Special announcement: tomorrow is my and Antoine's 2-year anniversary...
little co
He is super excited.
Lately I have been reflecting upon the importance and true value of the angsty teenage stage of human life and development, despite how immature and stupid a teenager can be... How, in some sense, it is the peak of many people's lives, when they were the most alive and sensitive, critical yet naive, lucid and yet in a dream state. Things that the world today lacks, or ruins. Thus the reference to Catcher in the Rye.


  1. lovely photos!! the canals are beautiful :)
    thank you so much for the comment, i love your blog, and i am following you now!

  2. poetic kv. i love your last comment. im even going to make it my status <3 miss you

  3. These pictures are beautiful. Very inspiring to me, I've never been anywhere like this. I agree with the bit about the "true value of the angsty teenage stage". ;)