Sunday, October 10, 2010

polar weekend

This was a weekend of fun and bustling activity, and yet relaxation and boredom; of beautiful warm weather to start, and chilling rain to end; of happiness, and yet dissatisfaction; of productivity, and yet far niente.

Gourmet market, where we bought delicious goat cheese rolled in spices and figs filled with fois gras, amazing. Then to a bar with some friends, where they have beer made by the house, the best in Limoges. The brunette has an interesting coffee taste to it. Almost makes me like beer... almost. Come Sunday, we went to a flea market, however flea markets in France are like their French vintage stores: they are much too aware of the popularity and novelty of what they're selling, so they jack up the price, a lot, which definitely takes away a large aspect that you find in American flea markets. No finding amazing cheap treasures...If I had a lot of money I would have been infinitely pleased with a large vintage bird cage to use as a jewelry stand, a beautiful 50s-era lamp in leather, classic elegant french iron garden furniture...


Limoges has been growing on me little by little, surprisingly. If you look hard enough, there are actually lots of things to do.

I discovered the panorama function of Antoine's camera, haaa. It's fun. I messed up the third frame so my head is missing, but I guess I kind of like it that way.

After the bar we invited the friends over to our place, and it was fun, they stayed a few hours and everyone was talking and joking and speaking in French and trying to understand each other. When decent company leaves, I hate that large empty feeling. The affects of human interaction are interesting...

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