Sunday, October 17, 2010

encore une semaine

A good week in Limoges.

week montage
Cathedral of Limoges, flea market quarter, meat festival of "petits ventres," the festival of short film in Limoges, and the Lido movie theater where the festival took place over the last two weeks, a tiny panorama of the apartment, the park at night, and yet another picture of yet another strike against the retirement reform.

This week was a good week because I actually started spending time with friends outside of school, and because I went out, and got inspired by amazing short independent films, and had fun, and ate great great food, and was impressed that the French high school youth actually lifted itself to get politically concerned and involved (even though at the moment they are rising for a lesser cause...); I hope that when the time comes that they need to oppose themselves to something more significant, they will. At the same time, they are rising up against the image and stereotypes of the youth that is engraved in French the society and education system.

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